Current Sermons

These messages highlight a fifteen week series on the small book of Jude that only has 25 verses. The theme of Jude is, “Beware of Terrorist Attacks.” Taught at Chancellor Park Community Church in Queensland, Australia beginning in May 2020.

Other Sermons

This five-week study explores the personal letter to Philemon from the Apostle Paul in a verse by verse and passage by passage method. Taught at Chancellor Park Community Church in Queensland, Australia by Rodney Cripps in March 2020.

Listen to multiple teachers who help believers give a defense for the hope we have based upon Scripture. The area of Apologetics addresses topics of world religion, philosophy, cults, and much more from leading teachers throughout the world such as Dr. Kenneth Boa, Dr. Richard G. Howe, the late Dr. Lewis Sperry Chafer, the late Dr. Norman Geisler, the late Dr. Earl Radmacher, and many more.
In this multi-month series at Chancellor Park Community Church, Pastor Rodney Cripps teaches on the Church’s “Statement of Faith”, and what it means to us. 
What we believe is foundational to how we respond, act, and do for the Kingdom of God in His plan of discipleship.  This series started in October 2019 and was finished in February 2020.
Hayden is the Associate Pastor and directly oversees the ministry areas of Families & Young Adults at Chancellor Park Community Church.
Hayden also is studying for a Bachelor of Theology through Malyon College in Brisbane.

Graham Kell is the founding pastor of Chancellor Park Community Church on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. Founded in 1998, Graham led the church until September 2019, but remains an active member of the church and is a counsellor in the area.

This series tackles some of the challenges presented in the world today regarding salvation as a free gift from Jesus Christ.  These gifted speakers will address eternal security, the desired response for eternal life, assurance, and the idea of a free gift.

The book of Jonah is an exciting book of action, failure, redemption, failure, redemption, failure and God’s grace.  Recorded at GraceLife Church of Pineville in the United States, Pastor Rodney goes through this book verse by verse and passage by passage in a quick and clear way. 

Walk through this great book of the faith that encourages young believers to keep their eyes fixed on Christ with an Eternal Perspective on the things above.  The church in Thessalonica was worried that they had missed the second coming of Christ and had lost hope.  Get your hope back and be encouraged by the words of the Apostle Paul!
Written by the Apostle Paul, he addresses the challenges of a church that fails to focus on Jesus Christ.
Various messages from a variety of speakers on New Testament passages of Scripture.